How much does it cost to grind a concrete floor?

For a rain damaged slab, for glue, paint and tile fix- the price ranges from $10 p/m2 up to roughly $35 p/m2. 


For levelling of concrete floors or pathways, and grinding down high spots and trip hazards, it is usually priced by the hour. This ranges between $100 and $150 per hour. The time it takes will depend on what size machine is able to be used and the hardness of the concrete. 


For a grind and seal, as well as polished concrete, prices range from as little as $40 p/m2 up to $120 p/m2. 

How easy is it to grind concrete?


Concrete grinding is not easy at all. There are so many variants to concrete at large, that only an experienced and well-equipped grinder will know what diamonds to use, as well as the best machine for the job. 


The equipment varies largely. There are planetary machines, single headers, variable speed machines, burnishers, scaraffiers. All of which come in a range of single phase small selections, all the way up to half a ton three-phase machines. 


Selection of incorrect diamonds used on certain concretes will result in the diamonds wearing out too quickly or having no effect on the floor whatsoever. Either outcome will be costly to the undertaking. 


How much does concrete grinding and polishing cost?

See answer above. 

What is best for grinding concrete?

Diamond segments are best for grinding concrete. These come in a range of bonds (ie that is the matrix that holds the diamond in the segment). These range from soft bond through to hard bond, and the grits cover a spectrum of 20 grit through to 120 grit in steel bond. Then you move into resin bonds. These are either wet for wet grinding or dry for dry grinding and range in grits from 50 to 10,000. As stated above, it takes an experienced expert to identify the best resources and methods for achieving the desired outcome, given the specifics of the concrete (which, again, varies widely). 



How much does it cost to polish concrete in NZ?

Prices supplied here are all in NZD


Is it expensive to polish concrete?

Considering any requirements for durability as well as longevity of a floor, concrete grinding and concrete floor polishing can be incredible value for money when compared to other floor options.